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Review & blog tour stop for Book 2 of Bayou Stix: "Alluring Seduction"

Alluring Seduction Synopsis:

Warning: This book contains explicit language and explosive sex. It is an adult romance and not intended for anyone under the age of 18. 

        Jessie Adams is the womanizing, lead guitarist for the hottest rock band in the country, Bayou Stix. Seduction is his game. He does what he wants, when he wants, and with whom he wants. Women are playthings, but eventually meaningless sex with groupie after groupie gets old. 
        Blue Delaney has spent years working nonstop and cultivating her way to being the hottest rock reporter in the business and the lead reporter for Rock Hard Magazine. She’s confident, sexy, and has no time for games. 
        Jessie loves women and women love him, but something about Blue gets under his skin. She’s not what he’s used to. Blue loves Bayou Stix and is friends with the guys, but something about Jessie pushes her buttons. It doesn’t stop her from wanting him. 
        When Blue is forced to go on tour with Bayou Stix and cover the band, tensions run high, chemistry is explosive, and Blue and Jessie begin to see each other in a new light. 
        Their attraction is obvious to everyone but them. But in the end… the question is who’s seducing whom and is chemistry enough to sustain a relationship? Can this fierce woman tame this bad boy rocker? Does she want to?

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        The second book in the Bayou Stix series is another triumph for Skye Turner! Quickly you are pulled back into the rock n’ roll world of this Baton Rouge band. The writing is fast paced and quick witted, with characters you will fall in love with over and over.
Jessie is the womanizer of the band. He is on a bender of women for the past few years. He takes what he wants from what is offered up to him by groupies.

‘Why do these women always do this? They’re groupies. They set out with the sole intention of screwing us and then once they get it, we’re supposed to fall magically in love with them? Seriously?! They’re easy, no strings lays. That’s it. They get to say they f*%ed us and we get to blow our load in a warm, willing body. It’s really that simple.’   ~Jessie on groupies and women in general 

Enter Blue…she is a writer for a music industry magazine who happens to be on tour with Bayou Stix to cover it for her magazine. Blue and Jessie argue and fuss constantly. It will remind you of how small children are before they discover how to maturely show interest in the opposite sex, playground tactics if you will.
In a moment of weakness, Blue and Jessie have a moment. An explosive moment. It changes the dynamic for both of them, even though they fight it tooth and nail.
When Blue leaves before the last show of the tour, Jessie is confused. Ever impulsive, Jessie follows her to Los Angeles. And they decide to see what is going on with them, physically at least.

“Do you eat sushi, Jessie?”
I gag. “Hell no! That is a cardinal sin to eat fish raw. I like my fish fried or blackened. No self-respecting Louisiana man is going to eat girlie man raw fish. Fry that  sh*t in some cornmeal and top it off with some crawfish etoufee…now that’s good stuff!”   ~Blue and Jessie deciding what to have for dinner

When crisis enters Blue’s life she decides to see where this relationship is headed. And it takes them to Baton Rouge, LA…she leaves behind one LA for another LA.

“Tomorrow?” The shock on his face is hilarious. “Wow, ok then. Nothing like jumping right in.”
I laugh. “I don’t wade. I’m an all-in kind of woman. If I’m going to do something, I do it big!”   ~Blue’s decision to go to Lousianna with Jessie

Even though Jessie has a reputation of being a womanizer, Blue calls him out on it. She makes him look at his life and he makes her look at hers in return.

“Manwh*re? Well what does that make you then, woman? You know what I am and you choose to sleep with me anyway?” He looks annoyed.   ~Jessie’s retort after Blue teases him about his womanizing past

This is an enjoyable read and you will catch up with the characters from book one in the series as you meet the new lead characters. It is thrilling and titillating from the beginning of the main characters relationship. 
The sex scenes are hot! But what do you expect…it’s Jessie!
Will Blue tame his wicked ways? Or will he tame her?

The Ratings*:
Hero: 4.5
Heroine: 4.75
Story/Plot/HEA: 4.75

*The rating system is based on 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 the worst.
Hero - The main male character of the story. Heroine - The main female character of the story. Story/Plot/HEA (Happy Ever After) - The over all story line and culmination of the main plot or theme.

Author Bio 

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. Unfortunately life intervened and she made the choice to leave her studies. 

She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 children, and 4 fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, or catching up on her family oriented blog.

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