Sunday, June 19, 2016

Under Construction

Hey everyone!

I've taken some time away from the blog to do some writing of my own. Plus life got in the way of creative endeavors and my love of books (and helping promote independent authors as well as great novels). Some of the Internet social media made it difficult to do promotions for literary interests, GRRR!

So I am taking this opportunity to redo and recreate this blog. 

I want to do more reviews while promoting LGBTQ writers, publishers and works. This is one of the genres I enjoy reading and writing. 

The other genre is BDSM. If and when possible having a combination of both genres.

Please check out my published work "Into His Hands" FREE in the Goodreads BDSM group. (See link and blurb below)

I'm excited to reboot this blog! So check back in mid July for the new and improved version. Thanks for following me over the years!
Wendy Dawn

After a four-year enlistment and two deployments in the middle east, Marine Westin Keys is ready to leave military life behind and begin the next chapter in his existence.

Joining the Marines after high school to pay for his twin brother, Easton’s education was his primary goal. The brothers only had each other when their parents were killed by a drunk driver during their senior year of high school. Knowing his brother is on the cusp of graduation should take the pressure off of Westin.

Returning from his final debriefing and exit interviews to find his brother has been missing since he took his last final over two weeks ago makes Westin uneasy and apprehensive.

Easton was last seen at a private BDSM club with a dominate known as Master ‘V’. The illustrious Master is known for using and discarding submissives he trains. Westin needs answers to where his brother is and if he’s safe. He discovers the lengths he is willing to go in order to obtain information on his twin’s condition and whereabouts at the hands of the notorious Master ‘V’.