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Hey everyone!

I've taken some time away from the blog to do some writing of my own. Plus life got in the way of creative endeavors and my love of books (and helping promote independent authors as well as great novels). Some of the Internet social media made it difficult to do promotions for literary interests, GRRR!

So I am taking this opportunity to redo and recreate this blog. 

I want to do more reviews while promoting LGBTQ writers, publishers and works. This is one of the genres I enjoy reading and writing. 

The other genre is BDSM. If and when possible having a combination of both genres.

Please check out my published work "Into His Hands" FREE in the Goodreads BDSM group. (See link and blurb below)

I'm excited to reboot this blog! So check back in mid July for the new and improved version. Thanks for following me over the years!
Wendy Dawn

After a four-year enlistment and two deployments in the middle east, Marine Westin Keys is ready to leave military life behind and begin the next chapter in his existence.

Joining the Marines after high school to pay for his twin brother, Easton’s education was his primary goal. The brothers only had each other when their parents were killed by a drunk driver during their senior year of high school. Knowing his brother is on the cusp of graduation should take the pressure off of Westin.

Returning from his final debriefing and exit interviews to find his brother has been missing since he took his last final over two weeks ago makes Westin uneasy and apprehensive.

Easton was last seen at a private BDSM club with a dominate known as Master ‘V’. The illustrious Master is known for using and discarding submissives he trains. Westin needs answers to where his brother is and if he’s safe. He discovers the lengths he is willing to go in order to obtain information on his twin’s condition and whereabouts at the hands of the notorious Master ‘V’.

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Review of "The Distance Between"

Michael Adams, a lawyer in his late twenties, has everything a guy could wish for. He’s smart, rich, good-looking and has a degree from an Ivy-League university. There is only one thing he cannot have; his stepbrother David. He’s struggled with his feelings for years and even traveled great distances to be away from David. 

Michael has tried to build a new life for himself in Paris where he is dating a handsome French guy, Remi. All the ingredients for a happy, successful life are there but Michael can’t get over his feelings for his stepbrother. After all this time David is still the man of his dreams. 

David has felt the same way about his stepbrother for a long time; he loves Michael more than anything. But Michael has been too afraid of their families’ reaction to let David into his life. He pushes his stepbrother away constantly and David throws himself into the arms of a series of wrong men. 

What an emotional roller coaster. I was sucked into the characters lives and torment immediately.
A wonderful story of two men's journey to find and acknowledge true love. 
The extreme emotional conflict of falling for someone society says you shouldn't and hurting that person to keep them at a distance. A decade of push and pull, arguments and hurt, lashing out to keep your hearts desire at arms length.
Michael was such a tormented soul, you will find yourself crying for him. He wants to push away his feelings and desires for David. Brief moments of happiness and fulfillment give you hope for a happy ever after. The extremes Michael goes to causes both men pain.
David keeps hope alive. No matter what Michael or Michael's father dish out, David takes it. He wants to be accepted and loved by the two men most important to him. David is a whistful romantic in many ways.
Taboo love stories are often written to titilate. While there are moments of desire acted upon in this story, the heart of it is about the relationship and rivalry between step siblings. Both seeking a fathers approval draw them apart, many times.
A delightful set of supporting characters. An understanding sister and brother in law bring warmth and understanding to the story. A mom/step mom who seems like the heart of the family, bringing them together for Sunday family dinners. Younger twin brothers that bind them together as a family. A host of friends and lovers, brings laughter, understanding of self and some levity to the tale.
I enjoyed this novel. Emotionally I felt as if I had been through the ringer with these characters. I would love to read more by this author. Even a follow up with the main and supporting characters would be nice. Since same sex marriages are legal in many states it would be nice to see the couples commit. Just wishful thinking. I hated that the story ended, I need more!

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Tour & Giveaway "Her Dom"

Her Dom

A.D. Justice

Release Date: July 25, 2014

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My name is Dominic Powers. My software engineering company, DPS, is one of the top 500 companies in the world. Conducting a search for my Personal Assistant brought an unexpected candidate straight to me.

I knew she was different as soon as she walked into my high-rise office. She exuded innocence and inexperience. Those are two things in a woman that normally don’t attract me, but I am apparently making an exception for her. She’s young and delicate – and I’m afraid she won’t make it in my world. 

But the carnal man I’ve kept hidden deep inside me says I have to try. 

She is my Sophia Vasco.

I am Her Dom.




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Her Dom


Ten Fun Facts about AD Justice

1.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I wrote my first book.

2.  Releasing a book never gets easier. 

3.  I’ve made some amazing friends in this crazy journey.

4.  I am a certified open water scuba diver.

5.  When I eat Reese’s (my favorite), I eat the chocolate off first and then eat the peanut butter.

6.  I don’t like any seafood and only some grilled fish.

7.  I have two dogs, two horses and one cat — oh yeah, and my hubs and my two boys.

8   I still work a full time job and write in the evenings.  No, I don’t get much sleep.

9.  Music is a great book motivator and I can’t write without my tunes blaring in my ears to tune out everything else.

10.  I am a huge BAMA football fan. 


About the Author


A.D. Justice's debut novel is Wicked Games, A Steele Security Novel. It is the first of a five book series. The second book in the Steele Security Series is Wicked Ties. itcontinues the story exactly where Wicked Games ends. Each book is designed as a stand-alone from a character perspective, but reading from the beginning will give the reader a better sense of how the characters are connected. The premise of the series is based on a group of elite soldiers and their adventures with Steele Security.

A.D.'s second series is the Crazy Series and Crazy Maybe is the first book. It is not for the faint of heart - complex, real-life issues are addressed, with several twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages until you've devoured the whole book! This series will also continue with more emphasis on the supporting characters.

The third series is Dominic Powers. The first book, Her Dom, is now available. Her Dom gives a fresh, new, and realistic look at how a Dom/sub relationship really is, with the addition of a few twists, turns, mystery and intrigue. The second book in this series will be available in October 2014.

A.D. Justice has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful sons in college. She is also an avid reader of romance novels and, to her amazement, a self-published author. A.D. enjoys reading many different types of romance books - including drama and suspense, crime and mystery, NA and YA, and contemporary and erotica.

A.D. Justice is a Goodreads Author and can also be found on Facebook (, Twitter (@adjustice1), or by email at

Contact A.D. Justice

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