Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sexy Hair Stylist Needed!

“Style Me Sexy” (Novella)

By Tara Chevrestt

Date Published: October 1, 2013
Published by: Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd

Review by Wendy Dawn

“In Summation”:

     A charming short story about beauty, the beholder, and believing in yourself.

     Bridget knows she isn’t beautiful; her ex made that point abundantly clear. So when her online-only romance suddenly leads to a real-life blind date, she beelines to the salon for a makeover. She’s dismayed and embarrassed when her usual stylist isn’t available and the sexy Javier steps in.

     Javier has long been aware of the timid but kind woman, and vows to take this opportunity to make her see that she's beautiful on the outside, as well as in. Will he succeed in keeping his own feelings at bay and style her sexy?


“The Reviews are in”:

     This is a cute and engaging quick read. Characters that readers will swiftly relate to and become involved with on a personal level. A story line ripe with possibilities for the author to continue the adventure these characters have only just begun.
     For most women it is hard to trust just anyone with the care your hair. When your trusted stylist has an emergency and you really need to look good for a first date what would you do? Take what is there or make due?

“You already look good; miss, but a cut and some highlights, yes? That will make you look sexy. Sexy is better than good.” ~Javier to Bridget convincing her to let him do her hair.

What could it hurt? Right?!?

     “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but okay. You can have your way with me.” ~ Bridget to Javier as she decides to let him do her hair and she wrongfully assumes he is a gay hairdresser.

     This really shows what many have known all along, a good hair stylist is worth their weight in gold. They can make you feel sexy, hot and worth a million bucks. In addition, Javier is written as one of the best hair stylist on earth. He takes a woman who has been proverbially thrown under the bus by men and makes her see how beautiful she is on the outside. Bridget even begins to believe in her external transformation. She is already beautiful on the inside. Now she is a complete package.

          The plot has a delicious twist that will give readers a warm fuzzy feeling. It is sweet and a very uplifting romance novella. A joy to read.

The Ratings*:

Hero: 4.5
Heroine: 4.5
Story/Plot/HEA: 4.5
*The rating system is based on 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 the worst.
Hero - The main male character of the story. Heroine - The main female character of the story. Story/Plot/HEA (Happy Ever After) - The over all story line and culmination of the main plot or theme.

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