Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blog Tour - "Someone You Already Know" by Sarabeth Caplin

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"Someone" synopsis:

Two teenage girls, two experiences with sexual assault: one committed by a stranger, the other by a relationship partner. Neither girl quite believes the other when she shares her story: wasn't she 'asking for it' by walking home alone so late at night? Why didn't she just end the relationship if he really treated her that way? Someone You Already Know is a raw, emotional book that explores the impact of rape culture on modern society. Told in alternating perspectives from two survivors, it unpacks the common myths of sexual assault, revealing important truths that every woman needs to know.


Author bio: 

Sarahbeth Caplin has a degree in English Literature from Kent State University, and now lives in Denver. She blogs at sbethcaplin.blogspot.com. Follow her on Twitter @SbethCaplin.

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"Someone You Already Know" was released in October 2012, and "Public Displays of Convention" was released August 2013.  


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