Saturday, June 8, 2013

Introducing Wendy Dawn

     I was born and for most of my life lived in the shadows of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. 
     My family has always owned businesses, so I grew up in the small town public eye, which caused me to have quite a rebellious streak. At my parent’s roller skating rink I learned to love all kinds of music, but hard rock and heavy metal is what keeps me going. 
     In High School, I was the editor of our paper for 2 years. This tore me in half. I loved art, drawing and painting; but I have always kept a journal and written so I tried to have the best of both worlds. I met my first husband in college. I was studying graphic design and him. 
     I dropped out and had our son. Two years later, I returned to school and got an associates degree in Business Management. After the Birth of our daughter, I returned to college and studied Accounting (until I got bored). One of my life philosophies is: If a person doesn’t like what they are doing, they should stop, re-evaluate, learn something new and move on. With that in mind over the years I have been: An assistant manager for a major pizza chain, a travel agent, the production manager for a local newspaper, a volunteer firefighter, an EMT (at a hospital, on an ambulance, then at a county jail), co-owned my own natural bath and herbal products shop (we made all the products in house).
     My children are now grown (25 and 21), I am on my second marriage, I have two grown stepchildren and two grandchildren (from my stepdaughter), and the sweetest 16 year old black cat. 
     I am a self-professed bookaholic (print books are best, but I do love my kindle for in bed nighttime reading). I own more books than the small town library where I grew up. My favorite genres are paranormal and erotic romance, which my husband calls “smut” or “lady porn”. I just smile and read on or write down my thoughts about a story I want to write someday. 
     If you are easily offended and have delicate sensibilities, you definitely have a shock in store for you. I am very strait forward, opinionated and tend to have a “potty mouth”. Nevertheless, I can be the genteel southern lady my grandmother raised, not just the “hell cat” my momma taught me to be. It all depends on the music, book and company I am keeping…yep I am one of the one’s your daddy didn’t want you to associate with… Welcome to my world where it’s not just a breezy morning but a Wendy Dawn!


  1. Do you review mainstream books only, or are you also reviewing indie authors? I have one I would LOVE to send you!

    1. I love to help out indie authors! My email is send me a message and we can make arrangements.