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Life isn't great for Guinevere. After all she's lost and all she's suffered, can she be the Mum that Dillan deserves, can she ever find normal again? Does she even want normal anymore, that's if it exists?
A story full of love, heartbreak, angst and two broken people who need to be whole again.
Stuck between what feels wrong but should be right and what is definitely wrong but feels so right, Gwen has to deal with her new life and being a single mother to her baby, Dillan. Whilst trying to move on and fill the gaping hole that Caleb left behind, she struggles with the knowledge of what happened to Nathan.
She doesn't know how to deal with it, knowing it could be her that saves him, but not wanting to betray Caleb, who still holds the largest piece of her heart.
Her mind is a mess and, just as life starts looking better, dark secrets and a past she shouldn't be a part of threaten to rip her bliss into shreds.
Who will she choose? And, more importantly, can they survive what is thrown their way?
This is the final part to the Broken Series.
Mature readers only (17 +)

Connected Quotes: 


"I'm sure you know what I mean. Are we friends or... do you want more?"
I hear his sharp intake of air. "Gwen... I..." His feet almost silently pad towards me, stopping when I feel his heat against my back. Hands slide up my biceps, causing me to shiver as my skin breaks out in goose bumps. "Do you?"
“I just needed to forget for a while, which is funny because you're the cause of all of this angst. You're the reason for my guilt, yet you're the one person that makes me forget the world. How insane is that?"

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About the author….

I am 23 and I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen in my hand! I love to write, it’s my passion, and I never stop.  In fact I love to write so much I have started over one hundred and fifty different books before finally completing my first ever novel 'A Little Bit of Crazy' which I published in May 2013 on Amazon for Kindle. I was grateful when I received feedback as it helps me be a better writer.

When I'm not writing, I love spending time with my family and when I get some spare time (not easy with young children!) it’s either reading or listening to music. You won’t find me without a book or my Kindle in my hand. I read whilst I’m cooking, cleaning, talking, walking… you could say reading is my other passion!

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Q&A with A.E. Murphy
Q:  Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)? 
A:  I once wrote across my partner’s chest. I was taking notes when he snatched my notebook and threw it across the room, all I had was a pen. It was either his chest or his face. I needed to get down what was in my head before I forgot. Other than that I’m pretty normal.
Q:  What song would be the theme to your life? 
A:  Oooh, I genuinely have no idea, but it would have to be really cool and dramatic so that when I walk into a room everybody sees me do it in slow motion. I’d remove my sun glasses and flip my hair over my shoulder before giving a chin dip to a passing stranger.
Q:  If you were a superhero, what would your name be and what super power would you have? 
A:  My super power would be to absorb books. Definitely. Then whatever books I absorbed, I’d be able to bring the characters to life and I’d absorb the powers of my choice from said books too. That would be amazing. I’d call myself, Paige Turner and my superhero name would be, Liber Libri. This means book in Latin. Everything sounds better in Latin. I’m totally copyrighting this idea right now! (Inspiration comes from the weirdest places).
Q:  If you were a book heroine, who would you be? 
A:  Paige Turner aka Liber Libri, I haven’t written this yet but when I do, I so want to be her.
Q:  Tell us about Nathan.
A:  Nathan is a complex man who was raised by his grandfather. Due to a bad upbringing and negligent parents, he’s got a few quirks that set him apart from most men. I think he’s just desperate to love and be loved. Desperate to accept and be accepted. Desperate to find normal and be normal. I think this is pretty much what everybody wants, but with Nathan, because he’s not had any of that, it’s harder for him to find and harder for him to deal with when he does find it. Therefore no matter how frustrating he can get, just remember he’s dealing. Or trying to at least.

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