Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Author Blog Tour: Anna Lynn and Katrina Vore

Pulled by Darkness

Finding Light Series Book 1

By Anna Lynn

After the loss of her husband and two children to a drunk driver, twenty nine year old widow Eva Hernandez sales her home and business. Then to only add salt to her wounds she attacks the drunk driver, lashing out in court, mourning her loss she is given the choice or jail or therapy.

With her grief pulling her into the darkness and her anger surrounding her constantly, Eva begins to wonder if these court ordered therapy sessions will ever help her regain who she once was.

Michael Williams, a professional licensed therapist has been assigned Eva’s case and instantly he sees more to her than the anger and grief that has consumed her soul. Soon he finds himself showing interest and Eva begins to open up.

Never to have been one to break the rules, Michael suddenly finds himself getting involved and attracted to the foul mouthed Eva, who he believes that she just could be the girl worth throwing the rules away for.

Determined to show Eva that she is allowed to have a happy life and love again, Michael will do everything he can to help her through her pain, adjust moving forward, and pull her from the darkness that has embraced her for so long.


Shadowed Heart

Finding Light Series Book 2

By Anna Lynn

Alexander Parker, the successful business owner of Alex’s Bar, has always felt as if he’s been missing something. With a past haunting him, his greatest fear is that he will end up going down the road of abuse and addiction, following in his parents’ footsteps.

Melissa Lopez is a dreamer, with a passion for music and a voice of an angel, she collides with Alexander. Stepping into his bar and his life, Melissa finds herself drawn to him and wanting to mix business with pleasure.

Alexander never believing he is worthy of love, Melissa must fight through his past demons, showing him that even a shadowed heart and tormented soul is worth fighting for, that he is worth fighting for and having the love he has always dreamed of.






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Anna Lynn Bio:

Anna Lynn has always had a vivid imagination, creating stories from a young age, finding her outlet with a pen and piece of paper. Currently working on her Finding Light Series, a trilogy, Anna Lynn has many more tales to tell. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


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