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Book Description:

Printesa mea…”


Ella is a twenty two year old submissive who has been sharing an online relationship with a Dominant for a year. She flies out to Bucharest in Romania, the home of her Master, to spend a week in his company as a full time submissive. The events that unfold surprise both parties, neither one suspected the wicked turns of events that occur over the seven days that they have with each other. The foundation of any relationship, especially a BDSM relationship, is trust and communication, yet what happens when the relationship lacks both? Can they possibly continue any kind of relationship when there is no trust? Or can the trust be built so that their relationship is better and stronger?

Meeting for the first time is nerve-wracking but the nerves are quick to vanish. With each passing day the relationship this couple shares grows stronger and deeper. The Dominant and submissive aspect of this couple’s lives is the centre of their relationship, however, as the week progresses and their scenes become more intense in nature, they have to develop in order to survive as one. We meet Master’s friends and Ella is encouraged to openly communicate with them which she struggles to do but little does she know that Master harbours a great secret with these friends, one that could ruin Ella’s relationship with them all forever. Can this duo survive seven days of testing scenes and confessing secrets? Or should this relationship have remained on the World Wide Web?

Author Bio:

A twenty one year old student Steffie Dawn, born in Bangor, North Wales, is a writer of erotic fiction and romance and is an award winning poet. Currently, Steffie is writing the A week with my Romanian Series.

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EXCERPTS from Day One

Excerpt 1

Who’d have thought I’d ever do this? I most certainly didn’t. When I joined the

website for like-minded people and met the man who is now the source of my dreams I never thought I’d be hopping on a plane a year later to spend a whole week with him.


My bags are packed and have been taken away, my ticket and passport are in my hand ready for boarding, I’m all set to go.


Deep breaths – In....out, in...out


How strange are things going to be when I get there? This isn’t just a man or a human being, it’s a man who has had unbridled control over me since the first day we met online! He is the man who has seen every part of my body and into my mind, who knows me better than I know myself. This man isn’t any man, he is my Dominant and I am his submissive.

It’s been a year since we started our online relationship and it’s been one whole year of only

being seen through the lens of a camera, imagining his touch and taste. But now, finally, I’m

going to get to really experience what it’s like to be his submissive, live and in person.


It’s terrifying, exciting, breathtaking and overwhelming. Anything and everything could andwill happen, how could it not? I am going to be his for seven whole days and nights with nointerference, but most importantly no barriers, no computer screen, no restraints… well noton his behalf anyway, but I do see a lot of restraints in my future!

Excerpt 2

My eyes fall on him. I stop at a spot a few feet from him. His eyes glide over my body. I’mfrozen. I take in his face, that beautiful square jaw and small nose and I see his mouth formsinto a relieved looking smile. Something tells me he feared that I wouldn’t have been on theflight. I’m shaking. I feel lust, wanting, love and the nerves for the moment have diminished.

His baby blue eyes meet mine and I smile shyly, I’m here Master.


As I walk towards him I observe his navy blue long sleeved shirt, it helps bring out his eyes.

He’s wearing jeans, I didn’t expect that, I thought of him more like a trouser kind of guy but Iguess I was wrong. He rocks on the balls of his feet so I speed up, my mouth has gone dry, Ican’t hear anything but the sound of my heartbeat and then I stop.


“Ella, my dulce Ella.” He breathes out my name and it sounds like a song of the soul. I smile,too shocked and shy to muster up a single word to tell this beautiful man in front of me. Ilove how he calls me his ‘sweet Ella’ he does it in his emails too and it always makesbutterflies appear in my stomach. Buna.”


Excerpt 3


“Here we go.” He smiles coming back into the room, in his hands he has a black suede boxthat catches my eye. “I know we said that you would not have to decide until we’d played ourfirst scene, which I plan to do today, but here I have your collar. When we have played wewill decide if we’re meant to be in a Dom/sub relationship, if not we’ll have a good week andwe’ll play but then our relationship will end when you go back to the UK. Are we clear?”


I swallow hard, the dread that he will reject me after our scene so prominent in my mind.

Could I really spend a week with a man I know I have deep feelings for and then walk away?

I don’t know what type of damage that would do to me emotionally. I mean I know I lovehim, I may not know him and it scares me sometimes how deep my feelings for this man are.

We’ve communicated on a daily basis for the past year, we’ve had a sexual relationship eventhough there has been no sexual contact but we’ve had an intimate relationship. I’m scared oflosing him.


If I don’t hear from him, I worry that I have done something or have gone one step too farand he has decided he no longer wants me as his submissive. When he allows me to speakfreely I still hold back because I never want to go too far. He loves my sarcasm and wit but Iwould never use it against him even in a teasing manner because of that terror. In thebeginning of our relationship I did, I would jokingly call him the devil’s spawn and Satanreincarnated. He would laugh that deep belly chuckle of his and I would melt but I don’tanymore, because I allow my fear of losing him to overrule everything.


Excerpt 4


“I’m going to remove your clothes now.” His voice startles me and I jump making himchuckle deeply. I clench everything inside as I try to calm my raging hormones which arescreaming at him to hurry it up already! It doesn’t matter how scared I am, my arousal isn’tdampened. Communicating with this man makes me horny as hell, it always has done. I usedto hate talking to him without playing because it would leave me frustrated even if we hadn’ttalked about anything sexual. My mind, I believe, automatically links his voice and face witharousal now.


I feel his fingertips glide along my collarbone, he’s standing behind me and I want to leaninto him but I resist. There would be nothing worse than being punished in my first live scenewith him, the man of my dreams and fantasies, the man of my online reality.


My cardigan is taken from my shoulders and the cotton slides down, gliding along my arms. Ifeel a gust of air as the cardigan is thrown past me to somewhere else in the room. Warm, softlips kiss a line from my shoulder to my ear lobe, each one making my head spin as the desirehits me like a decent puff of cannabis. I want to moan in appreciation of his actions but Idon’t think he’d like that so I resist again. I keep it concealed but in my mind I’m meowinglike a cat enjoying the caress of its owner.


Excerpt 5

I accept the promises you make. I will collar you and with it make you Mine.  I promise to love you, care for you and cherish you and your submission. I will hold your promises to Medearly and while I push your limits and challenge you, I will always be considerate of you and your needs and always protect you.

Signed: Master G


Excerpt 6

I grab one of the larger pink scatter cushions from the bed and I try squeezing it between my arms and chest, it helps but not enough. I want to scream but Master will hear me and I don’t want to scare him. I throw the cushion.

It’s almost like it’s happening in slow motion. It happens in front of my eyes and I know exactly how it ends but there is absolutely no way for me to stop it. My mouth drops to the floor when the cushion impacts with the side of Master’s head. I’m frozen. Shit!

As sense returns to me I drop quickly to my knees, my eyes downcast and my hands going behind my head. I can’t believe that happened! That’s just my luck!

I hear my Master moving and something tells me that I’m in a lot of trouble. What will he do to me? What type of punishment will he deliver because I hit him with a pillow? How angry will he be? I feel such an intense amount of fear and guilt that any punishment would be welcomed.

My mind is thinking all sorts of things, I don’t think it will be a spanking this time, not when my ass is still sore. I think of all the torturous things he could do to me when I’m suddenly hit right in the side of the head. I stumble to the floor in shock and the deep sexy chuckle of my Master reverberates around the room.


Excerpt 1

Once I’ve taken a deep cleansing breath, letting go of the horrors that haunted me last night about Master leaving me, I head out into the corridor toward the living room. I don’t know what Master has planned, I only wish I did.  I’ve always been uncertain of the unknown and I’m genuinely not a fan of surprises.  It’s the part of submission I hate, the not knowing.

Master waits for me in the living room.  He stands in the middle of the room and I see he’s been moving some furniture around.  The couch has been pushed back against the furthest wall and the chair has been pushed next to the kitchen door.  In place of the coffee table now is a wooden stage, three foot wide by three foot long it’s about ten inches or so off the floor.  I’m so confused, though, as always, I know Master has a plan.

“Ella.” He says extending his hand in my direction.  Carefully I slip my hand into his allowing him to pull me closer. “I’m sure you’re wondering what I have planned.”

“Yes Master.” I reply automatically, my eyes still staring at the stage of sorts he has erected, I can’t imagine what it’s for.

On the podium are several items that I’m familiar with.  First I see a box of wooden clothespins or pegs as I’d call them.  They’re one of Master’s favourite toys and I own numerous amounts of these back home because they’re something we can play with online.

Excerpt 2

As soon as I’m free I bring my legs into my chest, wrap my arms around them and burry my head in the crook as painful wracked sobs continue to overwhelm me.  I feel Master’s arms around my body and he kisses my head softly but I can’t calm, I don’t want to calm for the moment. I need to cry to get a hold of myself in order to be able to ask questions.

Shh printesa mea I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Master’s voice penetrates my ears as my sobs slowly become dry uncomfortable hiccups.

“Master.” I whimper moving my hands to grab him.  I need to be comforted and I fear him leaving me at this moment, I couldn’t handle that.

Shh.” Master whispers as he bends over and cradles my body before hoisting me up in his arms and against his chest.  “Let’s get out of here.” He mutters before working his way out of the dungeon.  I cling tight to him, scared of letting go, needing him more than I’ve ever needed him before.

DAY Three EXCERPTS from blog tour

Excerpt 1

I hate it because I feel like a pet and it’s humiliating and I’m really not into that but I don’t complain, obeying Master’s ask for silence completely. It’s taking a lot of strength for me to embrace today but I am trying to welcome everything with open arms, reluctant open arms but still open. I know humiliation will be a big part of this, it will be pushing my limits more than ever without crossing over into my hard limits. I’ve never said no to humiliation but Master has never been a fan of it either, today though, I think I’m going to find out just how much he could do if he did enjoy it.

Thankfully as soon as he’s removed himself from my mouth he’s opening up the cage and letting me out. I crawl out thankful to be able to stretch my limbs as I struggle to standing. Master pulls me into his arms and kisses me hard, I willingly kiss him back, grateful for some display of humanity from him, humanity I know I’m not going to see much of today.

“Now back on your knees, you’ll crawl unless I tell you otherwise today.” Master commands on my release and I quickly fall to the floor and onto all fours.

Excerpt 2

“I like seeing my mark on you this way.” Master states while looking up at me.  I go to reply but quickly remember his rule about talking so I clamp my mouth shut.  Master laughs softly and nods, giving me the permission I need to speak to him.

“I like seeing your mark on me too Master, very much so.” I say and he grin’s a boyish smile, happy at my response.

“Maybe we’ll have to give you a permanent brand though I don’t like the idea of burning your skin.” Master states looking suddenly lost in thought.

“Maybe a tattoo then?” I suggest and he looks up at me, his eyebrows rising as if the thought hadn’t crossed his mind.

“Maybe a tattoo.” He agrees before lowering my ankles to the floor.  “Enough. Silence now.” He states and I nod, slipping back into answering him without my words.

Excerpt 3

I’m not sure how high my ‘speaking when commanded not to’ ranks on the seriousness scale. My first real life punishment was when I rejected Master in the restaurant, I knew that was very serious and I expected a severe punishment.  Of course, it could have been worse. To be spanked with a hand, riding crop and hair brush while held captive by a spreader bar and stocks was hardcore but I must admit that a small part of me enjoyed it.

The hairbrush was horrible.  I had no idea what the implement was, not only that it seriously hurt and the marks left behind by it were horrible - I hope that isn’t a part of this punishment.  The problem I have here is that Master knows I don’t like the implement but then again, it isn’t in my hard limits which makes it fair game if he wants to use it.  I just don’t think I could handle much more than the six he gave me last time.

“You know, it could be viewed as rude to be thinking and not voicing your thoughts to your Master printesa mea.” Master’s voice once again penetrates through the fog of my thoughts and drags me to the present.

“I was just thinking about the last punishment I had Master.” I confess.  This man knows me so well he would probably be able to tell if I was lying.

“Oh and what about it has you frowning?” Master asks and once again when his eyes meet mine there’s an evil twinkle there.  I swallow hard thinking about the hairbrush and I could swear that my ass began tingling at the thought.

“I didn’t like the hairbrush very much.” I say quietly. “I worry that you’re going to go that way again and I won’t be able to handle it.”

EXCERPT for day four

“Printesa mea.” His voice vibrates around me and I smile at the floor where my eyes are downcast respectfully. He sounds almost as if he has missed me as much as I have missed him. I feel my heart pounding inside my chest, hard and loud as Master moves slowly towards me. I ache for his touch, to know that he is actually here and that this isn’t a trick of my lonely mind. His presence alone speaks to me, commands me like no one else ever has. It’s exhilarating.

“Did you miss me?” He asks and I shudder happily. He really is here; he’s not a figment of my imagination.

“Yes Master.” I confess even though I feel a bit silly, he was only gone a few hours. I was only awake for two of them and in that time I got showered and changed yet I still feel like he has been missing for longer, my body yearns for him and his touch.

“I’m sorry printesa mea. I had some errands that just couldn’t wait any longer. Forgive me for leaving you?” He asks kneeling down in front of me.

“Yes Master, of course.” I reply, feeling him close to me makes me want him to touch me.

“I got you a gift while I was out.” He says. “Look at me.”

A week with my Romanian Playlist

Day One - Meeting My Master

Simple Plan ft Natasha Bedingfield - Jet Lag
George Strait  - Run 
Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces
Cascada - Everytime we touch
The Script - Breakeven
Adele - Chasing Pavements
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Day Two - Pleasing My Master

Christina Aguilera – Fighter 
Queen – Don’t stop me now
Leighton Meester – Summer Girl
Britney Spears – Crazy 
Lonestar  Amazed

 Day Three - Needing My Master

Shontelle – Perfect Nightmare
DJ Sammy – Heaven (slow)
Jason Miraz – I won’t give up
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Rascal Flatts – What hurts the most
Francesca Battistelli – Angel by your side

 Day Four - Obeying My Master

Jessie J ft Brandy – Conquer the World
TATU – All the things she said
Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory
Beyonce –Sweet Dreams 
Christina Aguilera – Voice Within

 Day Five – Surprising My Master

Taylor Swift – Today Was a Fairytale
Billy Ocean – Get outta my Dreams (Get into my car)
Bow wow wow – I want Candy
Cindy Lauper – Girls Just Wanna have Fun
The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
Bill Withers – Just the two of us


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