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The Maestro's Prelude


"The Prelude" (The Musical Interlude #1)

By KaSonndra Leigh

Date Published: July 3, 2013

Review by Wendy Dawn

“In Summation”:

     "The Prelude is the part of a song that pulls you in, hypnotizing you with beauty."

     After finishing design school six months ago, Erin Angelo left her tragic past behind in the States and started a new life in Milan, Italy. Burying the grief, silencing her demons, and living a life without any real attachments has worked well for her so far. However, when Erin secures her first real job as a budding clothing designer, her controlled world is shaken to its core by the mysteriously sexy director of the local symphony.
     Alek Dostov is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. He is successful, hot, the son of a millionaire, and women all over the world flock to see one of his performances. For Alek, Erin represents the ultimate challenge: sexy, smart, and unaffected by his charms...or so she thinks. Just like Erin, Alek avoids attachments that leave him emotionally vulnerable. However, unlike Erin, his pursuit of all things pleasurable is ruthless.
     Knowing how wary they both are concerning any kind of committed relationship, Alek finds a way to pursue Erin, satisfying the intense attraction between them without sacrificing the freedom they both enjoy. Sometimes the deepest passion brings out the darkest emotions. In addition, Erin finds herself completely unprepared for the forbidden world of the young maestro and his truths and even his secrets, as she struggles to deal with her own.

     Music, passion, betrayal and forbidden love spun together in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

“The Reviews are in”:

     If you never believed in fate and destiny, you will after reading this novel. These two characters are thrown together at the right time in their lives. A time when they are ready to heal, leave their past hurts, and bad decisions behind.
     Some delicious plot twists and pirouettes are performed in the dance between the Maestro and costume Designer. He proposes a “no strings” relationship; soon they both are in over their heads and hearts.
     So many things are keeping the couple apart: his mother, his past with a Russian gangster “the Phoenix”, his feelings of unworthiness, her painful past about her father and sisters death, her guilt about her mother being in an institution living in a vegetative state and normal workaholic issues with artistic people starting out in the world in their own businesses.

     Between the sudden showering of attention from him, dealing with his ex-girlfriend and now this moment with the mother from Hell, I’ve had about all I can take. ~Erin after the dinner Inquisition

     The sex scenes are scorching. These two characters start off trying to just be physical, no emotional stuff, no kissing on the mouth too personal (a la Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’), this does not last long!

     “Are both sets of lips off limits? Tell me, Erin.” ~Alec begging to give Erin a kiss

     Each character is so fascinating. Even the minor characters capture your imagination. Alec’s comrade and the dance captain for his production, Nickoli has a story that needs to be told; and you only get the tip of the iceberg. Alec’s sister and Erin’s boss Luca becomes a couple; there is some behind the scene romance left out that could be a novel itself. And who can forget Rafe, Erin’s other boss (Luca’s brother). He did lay a big smooch on Erin on the runway and try to blackmail her into a relationship. He needs a HEA. Everyone loves when a rogue is taken to task…maybe Katerina Alec’s mother is up for the project!
      This will be a wonderful series to watch grow and develop. Intrigues and plot twists, music and mayhem…who could ask for more!

The Ratings*:

Hero: 4
Heroine: 3.5
Story/Plot/HEA: 4

*The rating system is based on 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 the worst.
Hero - The main male character of the story. Heroine - The main female character of the story. Story/Plot/HEA (Happy Ever After) - The over all story line and culmination of the main plot or theme.

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