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It's time to meet your Master...of Restraint!

“Restraint (Mistress & Master of Restraint)”
By Erica Chilson

Date Published: April 23, 2012

Review by Wendy Dawn
Note: This is a series of reviews published in reading order of the series of novels “Mistress & Master of Restraint”. Reviews should be read prior to novel, but after previous novel to maintain a *No SPOILER* point of view.
Mistress & Master of Restraint Order of ReadingRestraint
Queen Omnibus*
The Hunter (Fall 2013)
Silenced (Winter 2013/ 2014)
Integrated (2014)
*Omnibus edition includes three novels in one

“In Summation”:
     This is where the journey begins into the world of the Mistress and Master of Restraint.
We meet Katya Waters as she moves to a new city for the job of her dreams. Her desire to explore her darker-side leads her to the club, Restraint, where she meets the mysterious “Boss”. The Boss pulls her into a thrilling game of Kat & Mouse.
     Restraint is an exciting journey as Katya connects the mystery of her past with her thrilling present.

“The Reviews are in”:
     WOW! This series is so HOT! Steam was coming out of my kindle. Ms. Chilton just re-released “Restraint”; I don’t know how you could improve on it. However, I understand that as you grow you look back at your characters and say, “I wish….”      I enjoyed the plot twists and entanglements. Two hot guys to choose from, Holy crap! It is a dream come true. Which one is Master Ez? Does it really matter? And what about their friend Aaron? Three guys one girl and a female pet of her own, what a lucky girl, she has it all!

     ‘I’m not ready to admit that I’d be perfectly happy fucking all three of them. My subconscious is calling me a whore. I don’t give a fuck. I have a lot to make up for. It’s freeing. I feel independent in my whoredom.’ ~Katya Waters of the trio of men she is attracted to as her sleeping libido awakens.

     It is extremely odd relationships; born from horrible incidents that occurred while they were young. However, just when you think things will become normal, here comes a plot twist. I wonder how Ms. Chilton keeps it all strait. Even at this point, I already need a flow chart and a family tree.
     I know some people are not comfortable reading about M/M or M/F/M relationships or any variation other than M/F, but this series is not about the gender of any of the characters. At times, I found myself even forgetting one of the characters gender, and just getting wrapped up in their part of story. It was how people interact with each other and the things we inflict on each other; either intentionally on unintentional.
     Seeing actual psychology used to heal wounded characters was truly amazing to read. Even if some of it was misguided at times, it was still some spot on therapy for some of the victims/survivors.
     Each character is to have a book or books from their point of view, in the series. I look forward to seeing things thru each of their eyes, how they feel about the goings on within each family and club. I also wonder what else is going on, this has to be just the tip of the iceberg for a group of kinksters with varying degrees of morals and values. A BDSM club is the perfect setting for their story.
     Deciding to go to a BDSM club, Katya shows no outward fear. She radiates the power she has honed as a survivor. She is a dominate in search of a master. She finds a peace she did not expect before she even enters the doors.

     “Standing in line, in front of a club I’ve never entered, I feel content, at home, as if I’ve finally arrived at the destination I’ve been traveling for thirty years.” ~Katya Waters

     I loved that she could be so at peace with who she was and what she wants. She pushed thru her fears and earned her place. Her inner dialog was priceless. To acknowledge even a dominate person has self-doubt and internalizes issues while outwardly shows the world a calm façade was brilliant.
     Even though, memories of her past trauma would trigger at the most inopportune times, Katya felt at ease with Master Ez. Master Ez aka “the Boss” grabs her and forces his ownership upon her without even asking.

     ‘Emotions fill my thoughts- long dead emotions that I’ve tucked safely away for my protection. My body warms at every point we connect. His body sears through my clothing. I sigh in relief because I’ve felt nothing but cold for so very long. Is The Boss offering me what I crave?’ ~Katya Waters being held by Master Ez for the first time at Restraint after he places her membership bracelet and his ownership padlock on her.

     The mystery of not knowing who Master Ez/the Boss really is and feeling so comfortable with him is strange. It is a strong contradiction for many people to accept especially those of previous violent attacks. It also tells there is more here than meets the eye with these two or three people. I was so excited to see how this game played out.
     Each player had so much to gain or loose. Katya has her secrets and her sexuality on the line. The potential candidates for Master Ez have their own secrets and risk bringing them to light. How will all these secrets affect each other? How are they intertwined? If Katya regains the memories, of her attack how will it affect her and those she has grown close to and begun to rely upon? How will the game end?

The Ratings*:
Heros: 5
Heroine: 5
Story/Plot/HEA: 5
*The rating system is based on 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 the worst.
Hero - The main male character of the story. Heroine - The main female character of the story. Story/Plot/HEA (Happy Ever After) - The over all story line and culmination of the main plot or theme.

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